What is a cake smash session?
A portrait session to celebrate a birthday (typically the 1st birthday), which includes getting messy with cake!

So what happens? After we have your session booked, which can take place at my in home studio or an outside location we will chat details on outfits and backdrops/and or props to use. I have several different options, but you are welcome to include some of your own too.

At your sweet babies session we will first take some photos snagging some great personality shots. This can include a couple of different outfits and some different props/backgrounds and or scenery. Encouragement from Mom, Dad, grandparents, siblings, etc. can be helpful, this will help them feel comfortable and smile lots. Then we move to the cake portion!!

If your baby has been hands on with food already then they’ll be used to getting their hands dirty and things will be so much fun for them. If not, and that is OK, we can use a spoon for bashing the cake!

Some of the sweetest sessions (see what I did there, babies, cake – sweet, haha) that I get to do are Cake Smash Sessions!! Just take a look at these awesome memories…