Class of 2020 – Schedule your session earlier than later!

Hey 2020 Graduating Senior Parents and Students!! Those of you that have a young lady or young gentleman or if you will be graduating high school in 2020 this is for you. School yearbook deadlines are typically in the fall, usually late August/early September (depends on the school). Getting your session scheduled and your portraits taken well before your school yearbook deadline will be so much less stressful on Mom, Dad, and You!

The sooner you know your session date, the sooner you can work with me on location and time of day (important for good light). You can also then start to plan what clothing/props you would like to incorporate into your portraits. Having a plan early on clothing can help the day of your session so that you know what to start with, and a plan for easy changes during your session. I do have a portable dressing room, which helps a lot, but having a plan a head of time just makes your session smoother and less stressful. I am glad to help with some other thoughts on this if you are interested.

Another couple of GREAT reasons to schedule early are, 1) you are likely to see a discount for early booking (hint hint). Always nice to save a little bit if you can. 2) Waiting too long to schedule can potentially cost a little extra depending on how close you are to your yearbook deadline. (It is likely that a rush fee could be assessed, so let’s avoid that).

So, let’s get you on the calendar now so that you have a wonderful stress free session with no timeline stresses! Please ask any questions you may have…