Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Every year since forever, my husband, kids, and myself have always done a Christmas Season greeting card… We normally do something fun and a little goofy which truly does represent who we are, this year was no different really. One year we did a “normal” photo of us and we did get a bit of flack for handing out a “nice” photo LOL… I love that they are willing and still want to participate.

Both of our kids are grown and have moved out…. yep, we are “empty-nesters”. I tell you that happened in one blink of the eye, time flies by, hang tight to every moment you can. We are so very proud of both of our kids and look so forward to seeing their continued growth and to our future adventures with them. This year we were happy to have Sam our daughters boyfriend join us for a couple photos, and her sweet puppy Peanut too.

Here are our Christmas card photos… Love these people with all my heart!

In addition to our family photos, my sisters were here, so of course we had to update our “sister photos”… We laughed a lot!!

Love my family!!