Proposal at Red Rocks


Hello Everyone!  Here I am catching up on a very delayed but extremely special blog!  Meet Kyle and Arlowyn (Kate)!!! I had signed up with Thumbtack where I saw Kyle’s request for a proposal photographer, turned out to be a perfect fit…  Kyle and Arlowyn are from Illinois and wanted to come to Colorado for a trip away (and a proposal, woot!)

Let’s go back to April 19, 2016 (I know, I know).  We had made plans to meet at Red Rocks… that was delayed a little bit by a flat tire, what can you do right?  You wait it out… and it was so worth the wait.   When their tire was ready and made it to Red Rocks I spotted them and secretly (well I tried) followed them, kind of like a creeper… LOL.  I do think Arlowyn was concerned that some crazy lady kept ending up somewhat near them. “where did that bird go” was the excuse I was going to use if I were asked…. gulp!  But man I didn’t want to miss out on snagging that moment… that memory of a lifetime!   The photos tell it all, it was perfect, and amazing, the weather was beautiful and warm with dramatic sky’s.  I am so thankful that Kyle chose to work with me!

Take a look at this very special lifetime memory for Kyle and Arlowyn, congratulation you two, couldn’t be more thrilled for a great couple!  Leave them some love…





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