Brigit & Cody’s Engagement Session!!!


Brigit & Cody are Getting Married!



      One lucky gal right here, that is for sure! Not only do I get to photograph Brigit and Cody’s Engagement session AND Wedding, we get to be at the foot of the Big Horn’s in Wyoming! I am truly honored to have been chosen by Brigit and Cody to photograph these love filled life events for them.  My excitement for their big day is unmeasurable.  

      Brigit and Cody are from Wyoming but currently live in the Chicago area.  They had planned a trip to Colorado for some wedding details, like a dress fitting (so exciting), a bridal shower, and some Engagement Portraits!   Meeting at Lookout Mountain was the perfect choice and we had an absolute blast… Connection is huge,  and I believe it made our time together amazingly fun and comfortable.  Family is the best!!!   

It was fun to meet Jessica, the Maid of Honor.  A Huge thank you to my sister for all the support, helping with details, and being my second camera!!  

      Just take a look at how much LOVE there is between these two amazing people!!  You can’t help but to smile with them.  Enjoy and leave them some love…