Ladies Getting Ready!!


Getting ready for your Senior Portrait Session can be a little stressful and overwhelming…  But don’t let it worry you, no matter what we will have a great session together and you will have some amazing portraits!


Here are a few things to think about that might help out!

  • Bring several outfits to your Senior Portrait Session in a variety of colors, not just your favorite color. Remember to bring accessories for all outfits, from footwear to jewelry and hair accents. Since several full-length shots are also taken, make sure your shoes are clean and that your socks match – that full-length photo could end up being your favorite pose.
  • Choosing clothes for your senior portrait session is simple: wear what reflects YOU! Do you have a favorite necklace that you wear all the time? Bring it. Is being apart of a sports team a big part of your life? Wear your uniform.  Your Senior Portraits are to show off who you are at this point in your life.
  • It is better to keep your clothing visually simple, ie… Shirts with words or designs, stripes or pictures, with the exception your school logo. You want your face, eyes and smile to command attention, not the words on your shirt.  However, if you do have a favorite very important shirt with wording/picture to include with your other outfits, please do bring it and let’s get it in too!!
  • What to do with your make-up??   It’s easy to over do or to get “very glam” when having pictures taken, however this could make you look not like you in your senior portrait.
    • Apply your makeup normally, but bring your makeup with you in case you need a touch up.  If I feel you need a little more or a touch up, I will let you know.  Glitter or sparkly anything (powder, eye shadow, blush) – it can reflect the flash and create shiny spots, so it’s best to avoid these types of products.
  • Choosing colors to suit your skin tone can be helpful… pick colors you look good in and that flatter your skin tone. There are two basic skin tones — cool and warm. How do you know your skin tone?  You can decide what you are by investigating the color of your veins on the underside of your arm. If the veins show through blue, you are a cool skin tone. If your veins show green veins you are a warm skin tone. This can be narrowed down into the four season categories: winter, summer, autumn and spring.  Matching your skin tone with the right “season”, can help picking clothing a little easier.
  • Winter skin tones can be pale, yellow, or dark with blue or pink undertones. Sharp colors like black and blue are great for winter skin tones, but light browns won’t help you out.If your skin is pink, then you fall into the summer category, and are best suited for pastels. Red heads and brunettes generally belong to the autumn camp and look best in oranges, browns and other earthy tones.If you have light skin and possibly freckles, you are spring and should wear yellows, warm greens, and peach tones.There are a few colors which seem to complement all kinds of skin tones and seasons. They are Blush Pink, True Red, Teal, Eggplant, and Black. 
  • Dress up –  don’t be afraid to include a dress, as they can be a unique touch to your portraits. Wearing a formal dress in an informal setting can make for an interesting photo.
  • Bring extra! When you are unsure of what to wear, bring extra… sometimes depending on the day can change your thoughts on your outfits…
  • Be sure to pay attention to the little details. Wrinkles in clothing can create a lot of extra work for your photographer after your session! The more polished your outfits are, the better your pictures will look So please take time ahead of your session to look over your clothing making sure everything is as camera ready as you are.
  • Get some sleep the night before your portrait session.
  • If you are super shy, feel free to bring along your best friend, someone who can make you smile (your natural smile) no matter what!