Chelsea & Ethan’s Engagement

Hi All… Working on some blogging and just HAD to share this amazingly fun and beautiful engagement session.  I cannot tell you how excited I am that I get to photograph Chelsea and Ethan Engagement Portraits and then in August their  Beautiful Wedding Day!

Our location was City Park in Denver and it was right after a big snow storm and we were certain we would be tracking through mud and for sure we wouldn’t see any flowering trees… Well, accompanied by my wonderful mom (who was in town visiting) we were all pleasantly surprised… No mud, no jackets, and we found beautiful flowering trees!!   These 2 beautiful people were so so much fun, and an absolute joy to work with and seriously a blessing.  I love my job!  #lovemyjob




Take a look at these beautiful people and the celebration of their engagement and upcoming Wedding!


Big request for some swinging photos, with the nice weather there were a lot of families and kiddos out in the park… We did wait our turn, and my mom did a great job holding our spot in the swing line!


This super cool HUGE tree… Ethan was a little surprised as to what I suggested he whisper into Chelsea’s ear… teehee!


Photos next to this modern and super cool piece of art was a must!


Just so so much fun with these two!


Chelsea found a great group of trees that we got some great photos under!


We stuck around just long enough for some sunset photos, it was a beautiful sky! … City Park is a beautiful place and am so grateful that we had beautiful weather and an amazing session!


This park is bigger than you think and we all walked up a good appetite, so off to dinner for all of us!