Baby Bentley

Introducing…  BABY Bentley!


I’m so grateful and thrilled from one of the more recent shoots.  The happy little lady in front of the lens is the daughter of Jennifer and Mike.


Speaking of which, Jennifer and Mike were so much fun to get to know, could have talked with them all day! I found out we have a Nebraska Huskers connection…GBR!!  Thank you to Grandma Carolyn for referring this great little family!!

As for baby Bentley, she was a little angel while she was awake and when she slept peacefully through the last part of our 3-hour session. I’m not gonna lie. When she showed up bright eyed and curious, I thought the session might have turned out a little tricky, but Jennifer was able to feed and rock her to sleep and that knocked Bentley out for about the last hour.


Big brother Axel is so happy to have a baby sister, and he made that apparent during our session! He was very patient and extremely gentle with his sister. One thing’s for certain – baby Bentley will always have someone looking out for her!

Okay, no more talking (or would that be typing?). Check out little Bentley, her big brother Axel, and mom and dad for yourself!