Introducing Trinidie – S2P 2016 Senior Representative –

I would like to introduce Trinidie!…

Trinidie is one of my 2016 Senior Representatives, she is absolutely adorable! She is a happy, outgoing girl and I’m super excited to get to work with her and her family!


Trinidie LOVES basketball, and has played on the varsity team her sophomore and junior year, both years being a starting player! She plans to also play her senior year (2015-2016). Trinidie enjoys the great outdoors and gorgeous scenery. Her family breeds Labrador puppies and we have 4 labs that she loves. She has a wonderful smile or so her mom says….thanks to her orthodontist!  I would have to AGREE 100%!


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Trinidie attends Bennett High School and is a very good student! She is planning on going to college for at least 4 years and playing college basketball during that time. She wants to do something in the medical field but is unsure what exactly just yet. But is leaning toward being an orthopedic surgeon!


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