Kennah and Jason’s Wedding – Lilly Lake, Estes Park

It was a very early start to the day as we (my very sweet friend Kaitlyn Jones) and I headed out at 5:00 am, after we picked up some must needed Starbucks Coffee! But from start to finish this day was amazing…

Kennah and Jason – Are Hitched!!!


Kennah and her bridesmaids, mother, and niece getting ready, enjoying each other and some Mimosa‘s filled with anticipation of what the day would bring!


_MG_3114  _MG_3105 _MG_3106 _MG_3145

Special Details…

_MG_3116 _MG_3095










Special Moments with the bride and her mom… And her sisters!_MG_3122 _MG_3128_MG_3138



Heading out to Lilly Lake near Estes Park… and Jason!_MG_3163 _MG_3167

_MG_3176 _MG_3183 _MG_3185



Hiding the Bride, while the groom waits patiently!!

_MG_3194 _MG_3189


The Ceremony!

_MG_3211 _MG_3223

_MG_3225 _MG_3228

_MG_3231 _MG_3234

_MG_3235 _MG_3236-Edit

_MG_3240 _MG_3243 _MG_3248 _MG_3254 _MG_3256

_MG_3260 _MG_3264 _MG_3266-Edit _MG_3268 _MG_3277


_MG_3281 _MG_3286 _MG_3290 _MG_3295 _MG_3317-EditSpecial moments and very special people after the ceremony….

_MG_3363-Edit _MG_3365













Here are the families!!! Mom’s, Dad’s, Grandma’s, Grandpa’s, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews….

_MG_3419 _MG_3423-Edit _MG_3430-Edit _MG_3435 _MG_3440






_MG_3461-Edit _MG_3463



_MG_3467 _MG_3471









The Wedding Party…





_MG_3482-Edit _MG_3484 _MG_3491 _MG_3495 _MG_3499 _MG_3500 _MG_3502 _MG_3510 _MG_3508 _MG_3507

_MG_3544 _MG_3548 _MG_3553 _MG_3554 _MG_3565





The Reception….

_MG_3576 _MG_3579 _MG_3588


_MG_3632 _MG_3616    _MG_4009



Toasting the Bride and Groom!

_MG_3655 _MG_3664 _MG_3666 _MG_3656 _MG_3670








The First Dance as Husband and Wife…



_MG_3682 _MG_3684 _MG_3685


Dancing with Mom…. and Dads!  OMGoodness, I just love these!!

_MG_3702-Edit-2 _MG_3720-2 _MG_3731-2







Cutting of the Cake…

_MG_3595 _MG_3632 _MG_3856 _MG_3864 _MG_3868 _MG_3869

And a few surprise dances, which were absolutely awesome….. Kennah’s little brother surprised them with a very fun little dance, that was followed by a great dance by her bridesmaids!!

_MG_3750 _MG_3760 _MG_3772 _MG_3773 _MG_3784
















Let the Party Begin….

_MG_3786 _MG_3787 _MG_3790 _MG_3795 _MG_3798 _MG_3804 _MG_3810 _MG_3819 _MG_3821 _MG_3824 _MG_3837 _MG_3844 _MG_3847 _MG_3849 _MG_3878 _MG_3881 _MG_3886-Edit _MG_3891-Edit-2 _MG_3899 _MG_3903 _MG_3918 _MG_3919 _MG_3939 _MG_3942 _MG_3945 _MG_3948-Edit-Edit _MG_3957-Edit _MG_3970 _MG_3973 _MG_3977 _MG_3979 _MG_3980 _MG_3982 _MG_3999 _MG_3993-Edit-2   _MG_4040-Edit _MG_4048-Edit _MG_4051





































































































Time for just these two….  They are so full of love and happiness!  Not sure there are enough words that could describe how much fun Kennah and Jason were to work with… Was truly a blessing and I am so thankful that I was a part of their very special day!

_MG_4027-Edit-2 _MG_4075-Edit-2 _MG_4078 _MG_4087-Edit _MG_4092-Edit-2 _MG_4098-Edit _MG_4106-Edit-2 _MG_4118-Edit _MG_4134-Edit-2 _MG_4144 _MG_4148-Edit _MG_4177-2 _MG_4189 _MG_4204-Edit-4 _MG_4209-Edit _MG_4226-Edit _MG_4230-Edit _MG_4234 _MG_4244-Edit _MG_4255-2 _MG_4258-Edit-2 _MG_4266-Edit _MG_4271-Edit _MG_4271-Edit-2 _MG_4278-Edit-2 _MG_4280-Edit _MG_4293-Edit-2 _MG_4298-Edit _MG_4303-Edit-2















































































































May God Bless you both always!





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