Julia – 2014-15 Senior Representative Senior Photos

Julia has been amazing to work with, and I am so happy that I was able to help with her Senior Photos, what a great young lady!  She attends Bennett High School, in addition to academics, throughout high school she has been involved in sports, in which she really enjoys and spends a lot of time on. She has played Volleyball and Basketball since 2nd grade!!! Julia also participates with the Bennett track team, during her Junior year she worked very hard striving to go to State. She likes to be involved in all the school activities.  She is fun loving and love to laugh. “If you ask my Mom I am a clothes horse…. I love clothes, movies, music and sometimes a really good book. I really, really like ice cream.”  “I am blessed to have God, my family, my boyfriend, and good friends in my life. I am a very lucky person.”

Julia has plans to attend nursing school after high school.

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