2014 Senior’s ~ Looking back !!

I had a wonderful Senior Portrait Season last year!!!  It was great working with such amazing young men and women….  What an honor!  I wish them nothing but tons of success, and pray that God keeps each one of them close and safe!


Family Photos--57 Family Photos--34 Family Photos--36 Family Photos--39 Family Photos--41





Evan H. !!!

_MG_1998-Edit _MG_2107-Edit

_MG_2132-Edit _MG_2202-Edit-Edit-Edit-2

_MG_2208-Edit-Edit _MG_2283-Edit-Edit-Edit

Hannah S. !!!!

_MG_7120-Edit-2 _MG_7124-Edit

_MG_7335-Edit _MG_7411-Edit-4

Kayla W. !!!!!

_MG_0555-Edit-3 _MG_0569-Edit-5 _MG_0611-Edit-2 _MG_0631-Edit-2 _MG_0674-Edit


Jake M.!!!!!

_MG_1347-Edit-2 _MG_1356-Edit-2

_MG_1366-Edit _MG_1378-Edit

_MG_1385-Edit-3 _MG_1405-Edit

Michaela M.!!!!!

_MG_5306-Edit-4 _MG_5372-Edit

_MG_5389-Edit-2 _MG_5413-Edit _MG_5425-Edit-5


Nikkie B. !!!!!



_MG_3782-Edit _MG_3833-Edit-Edit

_MG_3852-Edit-Edit _MG_3934-Edit-3

Michael C.!!!!!

_MG_3044-Edit _MG_3089-Edit _MG_3094-2-Edit

_MG_3164-2-Edit-2 _MG_3213-Edit






Taylor B.!!!!!




Josh P. !!!!!

_MG_8329-Edit-3 _MG_8345-Edit

_MG_8391-Edit _MG_0887-Edit-Edit

_MG_1059-Edit-Edit _MG_1066-Edit-Edit





Ryan L. !!!!!

_MG_0575-Edit-2 _MG_0624-Edit-Edit-2


_MG_4309-Edit _MG_4360-Edit







Sam S. !!!!!

_MG_1762-Editcropbw _MG_1802-Edit.crop

_MG_1814-Edit.crop _MG_1843-Edit-Edit



Tyler L. !!!!!

_MG_1100-Edit _MG_1109-Edit-Edit

_MG_1157-Edit-2 _MG_1214-Edit

_MG_1293-Edit _MG_1306-Edit

Ben S.!!

_MG_2069-Edit-2 _MG_2071-Edit-2

_MG_2072-Edit _MG_2074-Edit

_MG_2116-Edit _MG_2116-Edit-3