Angles Soccer Team

WOW, what a FUN, FUN, FUN group of  young ladies!  I had the privilege of getting to take team photos and action shots of the Angles Soccer Team.  Just watching them run around the soccer field wore me out, I was amazed at how talented they are!!! I cannot walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, let alone try to purposely manage and kick a ball across a field and into a net…  <GRIN>


Watermark-2086 Watermark-2360

Angles-2264 Watermark-2256

_MG_2410-Edit-2 Watermark-

Watermark-2220 Watermark-2077


I was also very excited to get to create a sports template, here is what it looks like:


Ashlee Angles Soccer Template


The sun decided to come out strong and bright just as we were getting ready for this group shot, so unfortunately we have super squinty eyes, but it is still pretty cute.  I will definitely be trying this group photo again, but more than likely under a large shade tree…

Angle Team Photo-2422